About me, Matt Leary (he/him)

I am a data scientist working in the insurance industry, proud father of an awesome tiny human, and avid Tottenham Hotspur fan1. I previously worked in public policy and public relations, and I was also in the US Army for nine years. Fun fact, you run and workout a LOT less when no one yells at you for not doing those things. I currently spend my free time singing Baby Shark or talking about Elmo.

For more information on my work experience you can check out my LinkedIn profile or my resume, which I made with the pagedown package in R. If for some reason you want to contact me (remember, most non work conversations involve a Seasame Street character), shoot me an email at matt.leary@protonmail.com.

Also, here is a photo of my daughter, just because she is awesome and adorable.

Awesome Daughter

  1. We’ve got Alli, Dele Alli, I just don’t think you understand. [return]